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 Fps Creator X10 Full Version

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PostSubject: Fps Creator X10 Full Version   Fri May 04, 2012 10:13 am

Features :

# Advanced AI Character Behaviours: Both hostile or friendly
# Takes advantage of Dual Core and Quad Core CPU technology
# Create Multiplayer Arena games you can play with your friends
# Script your own Game Logic with the built-in programming language
# Huge library of models, textures and sounds
# Share your creations as stand-alone executables freely
# Active community of FPS Creator users, ready to share ideas
# Game action above and below water. Players can run, leap, swim, dive and even affect the water level

FPS Creator X10 only works on Windows Vista/Windows 7 with the NVIDIA GeForce 8 series of DirectX10 video cards.

We strongly recommend the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 range. We do not recommend any video card with less than 320MB RAM.

CPU: 2GHz minimum. 2.66GHz Dual Core recommended.
Memory: 1GB minimum. 2GB recommended.
Misc: 2GB Hard Drive Space. DVD Drive. Printer to output user guide.

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  2. Part 2 

  3. Part 3 

  4. Part 4 

  5. Part 5 

  6. Part 6 

  7. Part 7 

  8. Part 8 

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  12. Part 12

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Fps Creator X10 Full Version
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